The city of Cranfills Gap is operated by a mayor with the help of the City Council. The City Council is made up of the Mayor Pro Tem, Commissioners of Water, Streets, Codes & Ordinances, Parks, and Community Center.

Please contact your elected officials with questions, compliments, or complaints. Cranfills Gap is richer for its community involvement.

City Council:
David Witte, Mayor of Cranfills Gap, Texas
Owen Carlson, Mayor Pro Tem, and Parks Commissioner
Tom Carlile, Parks Commissioner
Bob Bingaman, Community Center Commissioner
Charles Forsythe, Commissioner

City Hall:
312 N. 3rd Street
Cranfills Gap, TX 76637
Telephone: 254-597-2756

City Secretary:
Joyce Benzenhoefer
Audra Wiese (part-time)

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri: 9am – 3pm
Closed on all National Holidays