Nov 092020

City of Cranfills Gap
City Council Meeting Agenda
Community Center

Monday, June 14,2021

Call Meeting to Order :

Welcome Guests: Steph Cobb—Sewer Noise

Consent Items:

A: Minutes from Last meeting

B: Financial Reports

Swear in Mayor and Council Members

Appoint Commissioners

Discuss and act on any and all items relating to water and sewer department

Discuss and Act on any and all items relating to Street Department

Discuss and act on any and all items relating to Community Center

Discuss and act on any and all items relating to Park

Discuss and act on “Old Post Office” —–Councilman Carlson

Mayor’s correspondence:   Update of property for well


If, during the course of the meeting, discussion of any item on the agenda should be held in closed meeting, the council will conduct a closed meeting in accordance with the Texas Open Meeting Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 551, Subchapters D and E or Texas Government Code section 418-183(f). This is to certify that I, Joyce Benzenhoefer, posted this agenda on the front glass of City Hall facing to the outside at 10:30 AM on June 11,2021

Joyce Benzenhoefer
City Secretary

This Facility is wheelchair accessible and accessible parking spaces are available. Requests for accommodations or interpretive services must be made 48 hours prior to this meeting. Please contact the City Secretary’s office at 254-597-2756 or Fax 254-597-0669 or e-mail for further information.